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Raising Up Generations of Leaders

Since its inception, Light on a House has been committed to raising up leaders from among the refugee community in Houston. 

Our process begins with identifying future leaders with a strong work ethic, a generous and humble nature, and an eagerness to learn how to improve as a business leader. 

Every one of our team-members receives personal leadership coaching (our principles are based on the Bible) and weekly training in leadership. We use a "head, heart, hands" approach to our training. We don't want our team to just grow in their knowledge, but to develop strong moral character, and solid leadership skills to equip them for life. 

Looking for a job that provides you an opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally and physically? Come join us. 

Our team desires to bless the nations of the world with meaningful work that honors God even outside the Christmas Season. Check back in with us in the new year as we continue to build opportunities with these courageous men and women.

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