Light on a House + Warriors for Light

Continuing to Pursue the Mission Together

Things are changing! Light on a House is proud to provide the same great service, the same great installers AND the adding some much needed expertise through a partnership with Warriors for Light. 

Why a Partnership?

If you know me (Brendan) you understand that my hearts passion is to serve the vulnerable and to be a blessing to as many people as possible. When we began in 2020 we did not foresee such a fruitful season with the number of homes we could serve!

As I prayed and considered the best way to serve our clients (you) and our installers, it seemed good to us to combine efforts with the Warriors for Light team. 

We get to keep the same installers, keep the same mission and the same light supplies and process, with the added benefit of the expertise, experience and quality business that Warriors brings! Simply put, they are able to accomplish all the business things that were so challenging for me as a solo-preneur. 

HERE IS A VIDEO explaining the transition.


Most importantly,  this change does not affect the customer or installer experience!